The Rocket Bunny NSX

Blue Bunny-05

This is probably the most extreme project based on probably the most extreme base model that came out of Japan: the Honda NSX.
Firs of all, the NSX is a very special car itself, being developed by Honda to get Ferrari and Porsche customers in their showrooms. The whole idea was to build the best car the company could ever make, so when they came up with an aluminum chassis and body panels, it all seemed pretty revolutionary. This kept the weight down and with the handling tuned by Mr. Ayrton Senna, it was a recipe for great success.

Blue Bunny-02
Even though the car is a true sports car, Honda decided not to go on the V8 route (maybe they should have just for fun), but a transversely-mounted V6 was the choice. It is a bit under powered for the high goals Honda had in mind.

Blue Bunny-01
Last but not least, the design they came up with is truly ageless. Maybe that is why Miura-San at Rocket Bunny has been wanting to do a special project based on an NSX for so long. And by special I mean a full body conversion, with no bolt-on overfenders, a very bold goal for a shop that is well known for their Rocket Bunny kits.

The stock engine has been upgraded with a Gruppe M supercharger kit, a custom Greddy exhaust, low compression forged pistons and an AEM engine management unit. Power is up to 365 hp thanks to these mods. The transmission received a shorther NSX-R gear setup and new Science of Speed clutch and flywheel.

Blue Bunny-03
The car stands on Stance adjustable coilovers and is lowered enough to be able to cope with the American roads, I like that it is not only a show car, so it can be daily driven. The car sits on Miura-San’s own 6666 Wheels, which are made in collaboration with Enkei in Japan. They measure 8×17′ upfront and 10.5×17′ in the back, wrapped in Nitto NT05 tires, measuring 235/40ZR17 and 255/40ZR17, front and back respectively.

For this project Miura-San collaborated with Jim Pan and the crew at Tuner Galleria in Chicago, who had an NSX ready for the first Rocket Bunny interpretation ever. First of all Miura-San tracked a USDM Acura NSX in Japan and started developing the kit around this car. After it was all done, it was taken off the car and shipped to the US.

In order to give the car a JGTC-look the whole front end was redesigned, it is now a one-piece cowl that includes the front bumper, hood and fenders. It is held in place with gas struts and mounted on a custom frame that is bolted on the chassis. The rear was also redesigned , Miura wanting to achieve and almost no-bumper look. He designed a smaller unit but one that is wider that the stock one in order to get well with the rear widening of the fenders. The front and side canards and the rear wing add to the aggressive look.

Blue Bunny-04
As far the interior goes, there are Bride carbon kevlar seats matched with Takata harnesses.

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