RS6-R By ABT Sportline

ABT RS-6R In the past years, car manufacturers have decided to broaden their model catalogue in order to cater for every client, even for new dads with a need for speed and horsepower. Models like the M5 estate, E 63 AMG wagon or the RS6 provide a lot of fun and also a lot of room in the back for a family. The latest RS6 came out in 2012 with a 4.0 L twin turbo V8, ¬†downsized from the monster twin turbo V10 the previous model had installed. The car is an example of power and confort along with enough space to carry almost anything. The engine output is 560 hp and the top speed is limited to “only” 250 km/h. ABT RS-6R 1 Well, there is where ABT Sportsline comes in and says : yes, we need a hell lot more power. Why?Well, why not? They are the guys also involved in Audi’s DTM Team with Mattias Ekstrom as a driver. ABT RS-6R 4 After two years of having and modifying the model, ABT came up with a limited editon model called the RS6-R, only 25 will be produced. They have increased the power up fo 730 hp by installing a revised ECU , a custom stainless steel exhaust including a Y-pipe and sport catalytic convertors. The double exhaust are finished in black and they complete the menacing look of the car. Even the exterior paint contributes to it with it’s metal flakes. Since the car is very heavy and capableof MACH speeds (just kidding) ,the coilovers were specially designed and developed for this project. ABT RS-6R 6 ABT DR wheels were the natural choice,10×22′ in size wrapped in 295 wide Dunlop tires. Since the car now has 730 hp and over 900 Nm, the sprint to 100km/h has been reduced to a mere 3.3 seconds, which is faster than the Pagani Zonda F.And this is still a family car. It also uses carbon ceramic brakes to stop the “ship”. ABT RS-6R 3 Of course all the aero is well placed and has a clear role. Take the front fender vents for example, they help hot air that normally surrounds the brakes escape and keep them cool. The front lip spoiler helps keep the volume of air that goes under the car to a minimun, enhancing the downforce. The side canards are also finished in clear coated red carbon fiber, just like the rear diffuser , boot spoiler and some parts of the sideskirts. ABT RS-6R 5 The interior holds reupholstered seats with RS6-R stitching and a Alcantara steering wheel with the ABT logo.

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