RWD Purple Porsche 911 (933) Turbo Rotana by Nakai

Rotana 1

There are a lot of paths a Porsche 911 fans can “drive” down: from the first generations 911 , to the sweet curves of the 930 and all the turbo models, to the more recent track oriented GT3 and GT3RS and the widow maker GT2 and it’s RS variant.

Nakai of RWB just knew he had to give the world his own interpretation of a 993 Turbo, in my one of the sweetest cars ever made.The RWB Rotana isthe first turbo Nakai san has laid his hands on. The name was inspired after a visit to UAE where Nakai saw a purple Lambo while passing a building named Rotana, while he was working on a customer build.

This project is a step up from the Stella Artois car, a light-motif you can find across the shop, so the main task was to make it a proper race car.  Nakai san installed a carbon roof in order to keep the weight down and achieve a lower center of gravity. Suspension wise the crew used an in house developed Quantum adjustable race dampers.
RWB got in touch with Work in order to spawn a special set of Meister wheels, 18′ 12,5J upfront with -5 ET and 18′ 14J in the back with a insane -48 ET, this was the special treatment Work had to do. Kumho was the tire supplier, 315 and 345 wide tires were used in the front and rear respectively.

While for most of the projects before this one Nakai never dealt with the engine department, this car needed tobe suitable for proper racing.And so he called the guys at Front Row, Porsche engine tuning specialists. The target was to get a car with lots of power but also with a decent throttle response while mid range. The engine is actually a 964 3.6L turbo model, mated to upgraded internals and a GReddy turbo. The intake is situated behind the right rear wheel arch , making sure that the HPI cone filters doesn’t suck in any water. A HKS F-Con V PRO ecu takes care of the engine management so that thisengine develops 575 hp.

RWB Rotana 2

As you can see this is more than enough for track days and time attacks, this being the plan of Nakai san : racing Rotana all over the world along with his customers. One of the next targets is to fabricate a custom roll-cage in order to pass the different class regulations in modern races. The interior screams race car and the Recaro bucket seats made especially for Porsche hold you tight around the corners.

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