Scion Bulletproof Automotive Turbo FR-S Supercar

Scion FR-S - Bulletproof Automotive1

Last October Scion announced that they will build a FR-S supercar in partnership with Bulletproof Automotive. First of all, let’s find out what their main goal was with this car.

“The perfect supercar that inspires me is a driver-oriented, lightweight, massively powerful, balanced performance car that is constructed with uncompromising exotic materials both inside and out,” Ben Schaffer, president of Bulletproof Automotive, says.

“The Bulletproof FR-S Concept One was designed to be the most extreme, complete, and audacious project ever attempted with the FR-S platform.”, he also states.

Work began with the interior , where the chassis was striped of all the paneling and interior components. Carbon fiber was the material of choice, while Alcantara was used to wrap-up the rest, including the Japan-market Recaro RS-G front seats. Carbon fiber was used for the fabrication of over 50 pieces, such attention to detail being surpassed by just a few. There is also a golden roll-cage seamlessly integrated , greatly improving the overall handling.

Scion FR-S - Bulletproof Automotive3

For a stunning exterior, the guys behind the project decided to install a Varis Widebody Type D kit. Completing the kit there is a complete dry carbon roof replacement , done by Esprit Japan, a carbon trunk , carbon hood and a Euro GT wing. The color of choice was Lamborghini Balloon White , accentuating the red details , similar to the ones that Nismo uses on their more recent cars.

In order to become a supercar this car needed more than just looks, so Powerhouse Amuse joined in on the project. They decided to install their turbo setup taken off directly their demo car in Japan.Some of the add-ons include : a BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbo , a R1000 STTI titanium downpipe and front pipe , as well as Powerhouse Amuse’s own R1 Titan Extra STTI exhaust system. Other components used for the Concept One project are : 86.5mm forged pistons, custom billet rods, and ACL bearings. The figures are amazing : over 500 hp on E85. While power figures also have to be controlled, an Original Runduce six-piston front and four-piston rear brake kit was utilized, using 365mm and 330mm rotors. This being a competition oriented build , a custom set of coilovers with external tanks and 12kg spring rates were used to handle rebound and compression were installed.

Scion FR-S - Bulletproof Automotive4

“The 86 chassis is an amazing drivers’ car, but these days so many supercars out there are not as involved as an enthusiasts’ or owners’ car . . . it’s more of a car that drives itself. So many cars now have special transmissions and have so many electronics . . . The goal here was really to take an affordable sports car and turn it into a supercar. This is our attempt at doing that,” Mr. Schaffer also states.

Scion FR-S - Bulletproof Automotive5

“Anything is possible. We have fun challenging ourselves and trying to do things that are a bit unique,” he says . “After doing it for this long . . . it’s fun to sell parts that come in boxes and ship them out, but it’s a lot more fun to make something original that no one else has.”

Before leaving, Ben revealed to us one of his dreams: “We liked the idea of making a baby brother for the LFA but something that was maybe in some ways even a bit more pure.”

We are certainly looking forward to seeing Bulletproof Automotive’s future projects!

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