Scion FR-S by Weld Techniques Factory


Even though the AE86/FRS/BRZ models have been out for a few years, shops in Japan still come up with new body kits. So when Weld Techniques Factory introduced their Scion FR-S, we were ready for a stunner. This kit took Johnny and the crew at Weld a couple of years to perfect and complete , and it looks very different from the other interpretations : wide but no bolt-on over fenders, this kit is very sleek.
This car is so unique in Japan, just think that it is not a JDM Toyota but a US-spec Scion FR-S. Furthermore, there are no bolt on over-fenders, these are true handcrafted steel fenders.It took the guys at Nishino Body Repair shop six months to perfect, and the result seems perfect to me.

The final goal was to create the ultimate FR-S street car, and I agree they did. The attention to detail is second to nothing. The bodywork started by widening the front bumper with the same material, plastic, that the original kit is made out of.

The car rides in a set of 19′ Work XSA 04C wheels, a design that Johnny himself worked on together with Work. They measure 10.5′ upfront and 11.5′ in the back. Even the laser engravings on the rim is a dead giveaway that this is a very special project. On the driver’s side the wheels have a bronze anodized rim that contrasts so well the body color. Brake power is taken care of by a set of Project µ 6 pot monoblock calipers, branded with Weld’s logo. Their tribal logo is cut out into the 2-piece rotors measuring 380 mm. Project µ also installed a 4 pot caliper and 355mm rotor sets in the back.

The rear section of the car is where things get wild. Johnny wanted to extend the sexy lines the car already had , so almost all of the rear fenders were cut out and reworked from scratch, everything being made out of metal.
Grip is also provided by the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R compound tires.

Johnny decided in the beginning that the engine had to be upgraded but it also had to remain NA. He took out the old intake manifold and created a new and improved aluminium piece. On top of this manifold sit a set of Toyota AE111 4A-GE throttle bodies. The 380cc/min injectors were sourced from a 1JZ engine which are connected to a couple of custom fuel rails. The engine management is controlled by a Vi-Pec ECU. The engines dumps gases into to a Trust stell manifold and out of an Amuse twin-exit titanium exhaust. Future plans include a set of camshafts, an increase in capacity and some serious head work.

There is also a huge swan-neck Voltex carbon fiber wing in the back which is mounted on a special mounted created by Voltex in order to keep the boot from felxing and bending. The interior only include a set of Sparco seats and a Sparco suede steering wheel. But who needs more, it’s a street car after all.


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