Scion FR-S by Weld Techniques Factory


Even though the AE86/FRS/BRZ models have been out for a few years, shops in Japan still come up with new body kits. So when Weld Techniques Factory introduced their Scion FR-S, we were ready for a stunner. This kit took Johnny and the crew at Weld a couple of years to perfect and complete , and it looks very different from the other interpretations : wide but no bolt-on over fenders, this kit is very sleek. [Read more...]

Scion Bulletproof Automotive Turbo FR-S Supercar

Scion FR-S - Bulletproof Automotive1

Last October Scion announced that they will build a FR-S supercar in partnership with Bulletproof Automotive. First of all, let’s find out what their main goal was with this car.

“The perfect supercar that inspires me is a driver-oriented, lightweight, massively powerful, balanced performance car that is constructed with uncompromising exotic materials both inside and out,” Ben Schaffer, president of Bulletproof Automotive, says.

“The Bulletproof FR-S Concept One was designed to be the most extreme, complete, and audacious project ever attempted with the FR-S platform.”, he also states.

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