Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine1

In the past few years , we have seen the modified Porsche scene evolve. Starting with the European scene with it’s insane power figures, with tuners like Gemballa, Ruf, 9FF, TechArt engaging in a power war, continuing to Japan based cars from RWB with their insane wide-body conversions , to the many stiles Mr. Magnus Walker has to show in to his dream Porsche collection that any car enthusiast can only drool about.

In my opinion old school Porsche’s have a special vibe to them , there is something about those curves.That’s pretty much what drove the guys form Singer to deliver such a fine example of what you can do with a 1992 Porsche964, but with a twist. This project meant using an older model and upgrading it to modern specs.

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine4

The engine is an air-cooled 3.8 Liter Porsche flat-six,no turbo needed. It has been specifically tuned for this project by the guys at Cosworth in order to get the best power and response out of it. The engine management is taken care of by a AEM Infinity unit. The figures have to say a lot about this build, 360 hp and 380 Nm are quite impressive.

The exhaust was custom made out of stainless stell and it has custom headers, while the muffler sticks out beneath the rear bumper. Singer have installed a Getrag close ratio six-speed transmission and a limited slip differential also. They also meant business by installing an Ohlins fully adjustable suspension package, along with sway bars sourced from a 993 RS. Braking power is very well handled by the 993 Turbo Brembo swap.

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine7

The wheels were custom-made forged Fuchs wheels, measuring 8,5×17” upfront and 10,5×17′ in the back, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 rubbers providing superior grip (225/45ZR17 and 265/40ZR17, respectively) .While the donor car was a 90′s model, the guys at Singer decided to install carbon fiber body panels from earlier models, the doors remaining the only metalwork.

The color scheme is absolutely delicious, with Singer Racing Blue is the main theme, there is also Singer Racing Orange for the wheels and accents. You can see the attention to detail is second to nothing when a shop develops new colors for a special project like this one. Believe it or not, the car has xenon headlights underneath that retro look.

Singer Racing Blue Porsche 911 (964) With Cosworth 3.8 Liter Engine2

While everything up to here has been awesome , when you look at the interior you will see that it is brilliant.

I mean taking modern carbon fiber bucket seats and covering them in a special Cognac brown leather wave is just stunning. The seats also have 4-way electrical adjustment, believe it or not. There are also color coded luggage upfront , with the whole compartment being redone.

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