StarRoad Kenmeri


There is something cool and interesting about classic cars. Even if they are American muscle cars, Japanese touge legends or European slick designed cars, there is a huge market out there for these cars and for their modifications. Everybody has heard of a Ford Mustang or a Ferrari Dino, or even an Aston Martin DB5. But since Japan has kept their best car for themselves, there aren’t that many people that are acquainted with older Skyline models. Well, I will present you the StarRoad Kenmeri, a car that was born 20 years ago.

This is not an insane project with crazy engine swaps and a ridiculous widebody kit. It’s more of a classic look for a classic model. This is a 2000 GT-X two door coupe that has been fitted with bolt-on overfenders and a duck tail in order to get a sportier look. The wheels have been developed by StarRoad in collaboration with Work Wheels and have a gunmetal centre and bronze lips. They measure 9×15’ upfront and 10×15’ in the rear and are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE11 and RE01 tires. These wheels have a lot of negative offset, -28 in the front and a huge -53 in the back.

Star Road has also installed a set of their own developed dampers and rear adjustable arms. The original L26 engine was discarded and a fully-built L28 block has taken its place. The head has been seriously reworked, with Argon welded ports, bigger valves, special guides, high-power and high-lift springs and Star Road 79-deg R-Type camshaft.


Other goodies include ASW forged pistons, an ASW 86mm stroke counter balanced forged crankshaft, ASW H-beam connection rods, an ATI crank pulley and a Star Road race radiator. The result is a very responsive NA engine, also thanks to the Solex carburetors. The guys at Star Road have also upgraded the transmission with FS5W71C close-ratio gearbox, an ORC twin-plate clutch, a R200 differential and a 4.375 final drive. The interior has been upgraded with a Recaro seat and a Datsun sport steering wheel.



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