Steve McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 goes on sale

1967 Ferrari 275 gtb4-02

The King of Cool, that was the nickname Hollywood legend, racing driver and car enthusiast Steve McQueen has received. Starring in classic movies like Bullit, The Getaway, The Thomas Crown Affair or the motorcycling documentary On Any Sunday, McQueen has enjoyed the glamour that came with exotic motoring both on and off screen. When McQueen was at the height of his movie carrier, in 1967, when he filmed Bullit and The Thomas Crown Affair, he fell in love with Ferraris and decided to order a 275 N.A.R.T. Spyder. For many car fanatics, the Ferrari 275 was the best looking of all Ferrari GTs in berlinetta form, which is attested by a roll call of such celebrity owners as James Coburn, George Harrison, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Clint Eastwood, and Peter Sellers. Unfortunatelly McQueen’s N.A.R.T. was destroyed by a a driver who crashed in it’s back on the Pacific Coast Highway. Frustrated with his N.A.R.T being off the road, McQueen decided to aorder another Ferrari, but this time he chose this 275 GTB/4.

1967 Ferrari 275 gtb4-03
The car was delivered to McQueen on the set of Bullit and he owned it for more than fours years. The car originally came in Nocciola, a sort of metallic gold, but the movie star had it change before he even put the key into ignition. A lot of McQueen’s cars were prepped by Lee Brown, and it was no surprise when he was trusted with this job. The new color, dubbed Chianti Red, was a joy for the eyes as it made the Ferrari’s beautiful curves stand out even more. This color is very similar to that featured on the N.A.R.T. in McQueen’s epic movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Broken-hearted over his N.A.R.T. getting hit, the actor decided to take the Borrani wire wheels and bespoke wing mirror from the crashed N.A.R.T. and put them on the 275, as well as sending the Nero interior for retrimming.

1967 Ferrari 275 gtb4-04
This amazing 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 was restored in 2013 by Ferrari Classiche to match McQueen’s original specifications. It packs a 3,286 cc dual-overhead-camshaft-per-bank Colombo V-12 engine with six Weber carburetors, that develops  300bhp, a five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel upper and lower wishbone coil-spring independent suspension, and front and rear disc brakes.

1967 Ferrari 275 gtb4-01
The Ferrari owned by The King of Cool will go on sale this Saturday at the Monterey Car Week. So, if you have $12 million USD to spend on a beautiful classic car, look no further than this spectacular 1967 Ferrari.

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