Supercharged 1973 Chevy Camaro

Drag Camaro 3

We have seen drag cars blow past the megawatt benchmark. Most of them have a lot of electronics, fuel injection, launch control and really wide tires.Drag Camaro 8

Well, I can present you a different route for a drag project. This is a 1973 Chevy Camaro RS Z/28. It doesn’t have huge rear slick tires, this is actually a small tire car. The owner of the car, Rick uses it to race in the True 10.5 Division, which benefits from smaller tires than the Outlaw 10.5 cars.

Drag Camaro 2
The engine is a 540ci Dart Big M block that Rick built with race parts. The modification list includes flat top pistons provided by JE, MGP aluminum connection rods, an Eagle 4340 crankshaft, an Airaid carbon fiber carb hat (this car doesn’t use EFI), a Holley Dominator carburetor modified by the crew at Carburetor Solutions Unlimited, an Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold and a SuperCharger Store gear drive. The engine gets air through a ProCharger F3R supercharger and a custom intercooler. In order to use a carburetor and a supercharger, CSU had to use a special closed-cell Nitrophyl float that wouldn’t collapse under the added air pressure.

Drag Camaro 4
One of the few electronic pieces on the car is the fuel pressure sensor that sends data to a data-logger, along an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator. Because of the size of the supercharger rick needed to install two ProCharger Big Red blow-off valves.

Drag Camaro 5
This setup is good for around 1800-2000 hp, so the driveline has to be upgraded as well. The gearbox is a Hughes 2-speed Powerglide unit, along with a Hughes torque converter and a Ford 9’ differential. This is actually the fastest blow-through small tire car in the world. Would you believe the engine revs up to 8,200 rpm?

Drag Camaro 6
The speeds this Camaro can get up to require also a parachute and several aero add-ons, like a front chin spoiler, a custom rear wing, Unlimited Products front and rear bumpers and doors made out of fiberglass, Lexan windows and a Harwood fiberglass hood. Rick and a few friend also installed the required steel rollcage.

Drag Camaro 7

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