The Advance Flatout NSX

Advance Flatout NSX

I can never get bored of looking at another modified Honda NSX. There is something about this iconic car that never gets old. Maybe it is the design, maybe it’s the engineering behind this car, I don’t know. A while back I have shown you a NSX modified by a shop called Advance. Well this is another project based on the same car, but with some other goals.

Advance Flatout NSX 2

This is actually their Flatout demo car, a project that started over 18 years ago and continued up to now. It came out in ’97 as a demo car for some NSX products Advance was developing. Masa is the owner of the shop and his dad was the one who started the project that became his baby. So it was obvious that he had to continue the work his father had started.

One of the first mods was to spare with the original pop-up headlights in favor of the NA2 units. The new ones are lighter and give the car a more modern look. The front bumper was provided by Garage kite and it has a Tracy Sports front lip and Flatout canards. Advance develop the JGTC inspired carbon fiber vented bonnet that shave some weight off the front end and cools the front-mounted radiator. The Flatout kit also includes a custom underpanel, wider front fenders, sideskirts, a rear side cowl and the GT wing. The rear fenders were provided by Marga Hills and they add 3cm on each side. There is also a polycarbonate rear hatch.

Advance Flatout NSX 1

Wider fenders were needed to house the 8.5×17’ and 9×18’ RAYS Gram Lights 57DR wheels wrapped in 245/40R17 (in the front )and 265/35R18 (in the rear) Advan A050 tires. The suspension was specially modified by Advance and it includes Ennepetal shocks and Eibach springs with Advance pillow bushing. The front brakes were swapped with a set of AP Racing 4-pot calipers with 2-piece Garland slotted rotors and Endless MX72 brake pads.

Advance Flatout NSX 3

Power comes from a stroked 3,110cc engine using Toda Racing high compression pistons, Toda Racing camshafts, adjustable cam pulleys, a mechanical six throttle body setup with six short velocity stacks. Advance installed their larger oil pan and oil cooler with the large aluminum radiator mounted upfront. The shop also designed and manufactured a not-so-silenced titanium exhaust called Flatout GT. The setup produces around 370 hp which is enough for such a lightweight car.

Advance Flatout NSX 4

So there was no need to fully strip out the interior. Advance changed the steering wheel with a Momo unit, installed a 340 km/h speedometer, three Defi gauges and a lap timer, a set of Sparco Evo bucket seats and rollbar hoops just behind them.

Advance Flatout NSX 6

Bonus images with the interior and with the other Advance NSX we have presented :

Advance Flatout NSX 7

If you want to check out their other creation:

Advance Flatout NSX 5


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