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Green M3 3

As far as I remember I’ve been a fan of the BMW M3. My personal favorite is the E46, but I would never refuse a ride in an E30. Performance cars have come a long way since that period, going from a 4 cylinder engine, to a straight 6, to a high revving V8 and now to a turbocharged V6. Also they are harder to tune, maybe because they offer so much from the start. For example, the power in the new M3 is more than double than in the first model, but it is also heavier.

Green M3 4

Felix is a guy that lives in California and owns this mean green M3. He is no stranger to tuning cars; he has owned an Acura Integra RS and no stranger to the M3 as he has owned the E90 model. And he calls this the most fun BMW he has ever owned.

I said earlier that newer cars are harder to tune. I think this is true because more manufactures offer a lot more for your money than they used to. Cars have lots of power, lots of electronics and newer technologies. The first thing you will notice about Felix’s M is the color. It is an original BMW color ordered through the Individual program…can’t beat a factory paint job.

Green M3 2

Since the car is practically brand new, the only power modification is an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system. I’m sure 425 hp will suffice for now. Another area to address was the suspension. Felix opted for a set of KW Clubsport coilovers. Now he can adjust the ride height and damping, which he couldn’t do before the KW. Since he lowered the car, Felix needed a really good set of wheels to go along…so a 19’ set of HRE R101 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires were added.

Green M3

Just to add a little of his touch, he got his hands on a European front bumper, a 3DDesign carbon fiber front lip and a carbon fiber deck spoiler. As for the interior, he chose a set of 3DDesign pedals and shifter with a BMW Performance steering wheel with a green stripe to match the exterior color.

Green M3 1


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