The M3 BMW Never Produced

M3 E91 Touring 2

While Audi and Mercedes have been busy producing the RS4 and the C 63 AMG in an estate form, BMW never rolled out a M3 wagon. Well maybe they should have, I’m sure there would have been a lot of customers for such a car.

M3 E91 Touring 1

I am about to present an E90 M3 touring built by Nick Pritchard. He used to own a 2007 318i M Sport Touring that he transformed into something BMW never made. It was actually a friend of his that owned the car and started the project but he had to move and Nick continued the work, while adding a personal touch to the build.

M3 E91 Touring

The car looks like it just came off the production line; it is exactly how it would have looked. To get the M3 look a lot of parts needed to be changed: E90 M3 front bumper with a BMW CRT (Carbon Resin Technology) splitter, the vented aluminum hood, BMW Performance grills, E90 M3 side skirts, custom build E90 M3 rear wheel arches and a custom E90 M3/E91 M Sport rear bumper. To give a more aggressive look to the back Nick installed black powder-coated BMW Performance exhaust tips.

M3 E91 Touring 4

The car sits on a 10×20’ set of Breyton Race GTSR-M wheels wrapped in 245/30R20 upfront and 285/25R20 in the rear Falken FK452 tires. Behind them you can see the braking system that consists of a set of 6-pot Brembo calipers with 380mm discs in the front and a set of 4-pot Brembo calipers with 380mm discs in the back.  Grip is also provided by a KW Variant three-way adjustable suspension. All this was needed because a M3 donated its engine. Nick also installed a RPi ram air induction and has future plans for adding some boost to it. The M3 M-DCT automated manual transmission has received a E92 M3 GTS software flash which means quicker shifts with less slip at high rpm and a faster engaging reverse gear.

M3 E91 Touring 6

There are other GTS hints along the car, starting with the color of the brake calipers, the emblems on the front fenders, the gear paddles that were CNC-machined and laser-cut by a company called Verstrabe. This is probably the only M3 with a panoramic roof. The seats are Alcantara BMW Performance units.

Bonus images…

M3 E91 Touring 3

M3 E91 Touring 5





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