The Mini Monsta

Mini Monsta

I think that the classic Mini has a nice appeal to it. I know it’s not a muscle car or a sexy Italian racer, but it has some nice curves while being a small car. You rarely get to see one in Asia, but when you do it’s pretty sure you’re not going to forget it.

Mini Monsta 1

Well, this car, called the Mini Monsta, appeared at the Art of Speed event held in Malaysia. It’s not a complete project yet, but it will be a lot of fun once it’s done. The engine is a JDM Daihatsu L700 1 liter block with a reworked L200S head. Since the car will feature a turbo, all the internals were swapped with forged ones. The HKS GT2510 turbo will deliver anywhere between 150 and 200 hp, depending on the boost pressure, ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 bar. This is actually a conservative approach since people have been known to have 300 hp with similar setups. Engine management will be taken care of by a Haltech Sport 1000 unit.

Mini Monsta 3

The wheels were custom made for this project, a set of JRD wheels wrapped in 175/50R13 Yokohama A539 tires. Other exterior modifications include a Zeemax body kit with fender flares and a matte black paint.

Mini Monsta 2

As for the interior, the owner chose a GReddy boost controller, A’PEXi meters and Auto Meter Pro-Comp main gauges mounted in a carbon fiber dashboard. The door panels were also replaced with a sheet of carbon fiber.

Mini Monsta 4



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