The N-Style Supra

The N-Style Supra

I haven’t showed you guys any modified Supra in the past couple of months, so I decided I write about one. This Supra is owned by Nagahama-san of N-Style and it was built to drift. He used to own a Toyota Soarer powered by a 1JZ engine.
Being a drift car, the suspension department needed some upgrades, like the Aragosta adjustable suspension and the Eau Rouge Type-2 knuckles. This was needed in order for the car to handle big drifts.

The N-Style Supra 1

Exterior modifications aren’t that obvious, Nagahama-san did a good job in being subtle. He added a front lip spoiler and widened the front fenders by 20mm. This was necessary to fit the 9×18’ SSR Professor wheels. In the rear they measure 10×18’ and have a +17 ET. The tires of choice are Haida Racing HD921, measuring 215/35R18 upfront and 235/35R18 in the back. Other exterior mods include N-Style side skirts and the rolled rear fenders.

The N-Style Supra 2

As far as the interior goes, this is a very different approach than other drift cars: it’s not all stripped out, there were actually some add-ons. A Bride leather seat took the place of the stock driver’s seat. The steering wheel was replaced with a Nardi piece and a double-DIN JDM navigation system was installed, along with five HKS gauges and a Blitz SBC boost controller.

The N-Style Supra 3

This project was meant for drifting after all, so the engine was also given some attention. Nagahama-san replaced the cams with a pair of HKS 272-degree camshafts and HKS adjustable cam gears. In order to get a noticeable power hike other modifications were made, like installing a Trust T88-H34D turbo with a Trust Type-C external wastegate, installing a Trust exhaust manifold and the one-off exhaust system, changing the fuel pump with 2 GT-R fuel pumps that use 850cc/min injectors, installing a Blitz triple-core intercooler, a Koyo radiator, a HKS oil cooler and a HKS F-CONV Pro engine management system.

The N-Style Supra 5

This setup is good for 700hp, which makes sure Nagahama can have tons of fun with his car while going sideways.He also upgraded the transmission with an OS Giken triple-plate clutch, a TRD differential with a 3.7 final gear.

The N-Style Supra 4

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