The Pit Road M RX7

Pit Road M RX7 1

Pit Road M is one of Japan’s most hardcore tuners, even though they aren’t that well known outside the country. They are located in the Hyogo-ken area and are responsible for some of the sickest time-attack cars in Japan. Pit Road M is usually dealing with Mitsubishi cars and even GTRs, but they wanted to build something different.

Pit Road M RX7

I present you their latest creation, a Mazda RX7. Since this is a time-attack project, there are a lot of aero parts needed to be added. To start off, there is a huge carbon fiber front spoiler that extends underneath the car. In this way, drag is reduced and airflow is optimized. The sideskirts are also made form carbon fiber. In the back, the huge Voltex GT wing steals the show, along with the carbon fiber spoiler.  The front fenders have louvers for hot air dissipation.  Most parts were provided by RE Amemyia, Total Car Produce Magic, Rusty and TCP Magic.

Pit Road M RX7 2

The car sits on a set of Enkei RPF1 wheels, which are a perfect choice for a time attack car. This engine is based on a 13B unit, so there are no crazy swaps here. It has been ported and a HKS T04Z turbo was fitted to ensure the power needed. Can’t wait to see some footage of this beast tearing up tracks across Japan.

Pit Road M RX7 3

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