The Skunworks Porsche RS-4

Skunkworks RS-4 1

Porsche makes some of the most timeless designs in the car industry. Of course I am talking about the 911, which is an unmistakable icon. I have always dreamt about owning one, I probably will for a long time. So I will just present you another modified 911.

Skunkworks RS-4 2

There are a lot of styles you can apply to your 911, from Magnus Walker’s Outlaw theme to RWB. Well, this one was developed by Autohaus Hamilton and the car’s owner, Jeremy.  Every part of this car is either new, reconditioned or custom. Talk about a serious approach to your build. First of all, I have to say that Autohaus Hamilton is synonymous with Porsche in Australia. They take care of everything from sales, to service, motorsports and custom builds like this one.

Skunkworks RS-4 5

Enough with the introduction…this project is based on a Carrera 4, so traction and grip are not an issue since all four wheels drive this beast. Engine modifications include a blueprinted 3.6 L block, titanium race valve springs and retainers, custom Elgin camshafts, 99 RS valves, ARP rod bolts, high-compression and moly-coated JE forged pistons, ported heads, a GT3 oil pump, a carbon RS heater pipe, an upgraded fuel pump, Fabspeed RSR headers and muffler. The engine management is taken care of by the MoTeC M83 Ecu unit. The transmission also needed some attention, so there is a 964 RS lightened flywheel in there somewhere, along with a heavy-duty clutch and new driveshafts.

Skunkworks RS-4

Since there is so much power compared to the original state, the suspension was swapped with a Bilstein PSS10 coilover. Other mods include rear strut tops, Brembo calipers with Brembo 2-piece discs. They measure 355mm upfront and 328mm in the rear. There are also braided brake lines and a 993 steering rack brace. The wheels were provided by Victor Equipment Zehn and measure 8×18’ in the front and 9.5×18’ in the back. They are wrapped in 225/40R18 and 265/35R18 Pirelli P-Zero tires.

Skunkworks RS-4 4

As for the exterior, Jeremy opted for 993 Cup mirrors, a ducktail, which I love, clear indicators lenses and brake cuts in the front bumper. The interior was kept relatively clean, with a half rollcage, Sparco Evo Seats and a Sparco steering wheel, Schroth 6-point harnesses.

Skunkworks RS-4 3





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