The Swedish Nissan S13

Swedish S13 1

When modifying a popular car like the Nissan S13 you can rely on the experience others have had in building their own. Or you can have a totally different approach, like Sweden’s Christoffer Pettersson did. His main goal wasn’t to get crazy amounts of horsepower, but rather focus on the details.

Swedish S13

Christoffer’s dad used to build and race Volvos, and his son’s first car was a 2004 Impreza STI. He fitted the car with a dropped suspension and wider wheels. After having fun with that car for several years, Christoffer started to think about a FR that he could do some drifting with. In 2012 he finally purchased an OEM 1989 Nissan S13.
Around the same time Christoffer was studying to become a metalworker/auto painter so he started tearing down the car for some minor rust issues. He also installed a few parts to make the project more special, including a Magic Aero Club Series bodykit, a Magic Aero wing and lower light panel. The fenders also got some attention in the form of widening and strengthening.

Swedish S13 3

As far as engine modifications go, Christoffer found a friend that was selling a SR20DET from a S14. It was upgraded, both reliability and power being taken into account. The block has been stress-bored, other parts being replaced including the Brian Crower Stage 2 264-deg cams, Brian Crower valve springs, 1.5mm Cometic headgasket, ACL Calico rod and main bearings, CP pistons, ARP head studs, Garrett GT2540 turbo along with a TiAL exhaust housing, a TiAL wastegate, 1,680cc injectors, a GReddy fuel rail. The engine dumps gases through a 3’ exhaust made by Halvarsson.

Swedish S13 8

The setup is good for around 410hp, so the engine needed some serious cooling in the form of a Driftworks radiator with dual fans and a XS Power intercooler with 2.5’ intercooler pipes. The Haltech P1000 takes care of the engine management.

Swedish S13 4

Driftworks also provided the Geomaster front and rear knuckles, the CS2 coilovers, lower front and rear control arms, Driftworks traction, toe, caster and camber rods. Other mods include Tein extended toe rods, Skyline R32 GT-R discs and calipers and some handbrake upgrades from Conceptua Tuning.

Swedish S13 6

The car sits on a bronze set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37 wheels that measure 9.5×18’ and are wrapped in 215/40R18 and 225/40R18 tires, in the front and in the back respectively.

Swedish S13 2

The interior has been stripped down of the useless things, but some add-ons were required, like the rollcage provided by Custom Cages UK, a Bride bucket seat with Takata harness and a Nardi Deep Cone steering wheel.

Swedish S13 7

The dash has also been replaced with a Haltech Racepack IQ3 unit.

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