The Taulbert ’32

The Taulbert

Usually hot-rods are stuffed with huge V8 engines, really fat rear tires and painted flames. Well, there are hot-rod cars that have a more traditional feel. If you’re into this type of project, you might have heard of Webb and Taulbert.
This is their ’32 roadster. They started with a Brookville body, clean shaved the doors and installed a new hood. Later on they decided to fix it since it wasn’t fitting quite right, so they took the whole car to be painted by Darryl Hollenbeck in California.

The Taulbert 1

Cory Taulbert built the suspension himself, since he does this at GM on a daily basis. He installed couple of Deuce rails and Model A crossmembers. He also used a dropped ’32 Ford axle with ’34 Ford wishbones. The car sits on 4×16’ 1940 Ford wheels upfront and 4.5×18’ Ford Accessory wheels with Firestone Champion Deluxe tires, that weren’t available for quite some time.
In order to achieve this look, the soft top was cut down by 4.5’ and the wood bows were reworked. Cory also cut and re-welded the stainless frame for the windshield.

The Taulbert 2

The roadster is powered by a ’39 Mercury Flathead, stroked to 284ci and prepped with some goodies: a Cornhusker bellhousing adapter allowing the T-5 transmission and an original Halibrand Quick-Change.

The Taulbert 4

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