The Top Secret R34

Top Secret R34

I’ve allways been a fan of Japanese cars. I have a shortlist and it contains cars such as the 22B Subaru Impreza, the Bugeye STI and the Toyota Supra. But there is a car that comes out on top, and that is the Nissan R34 GT-R. There is something about the lines of this car that makes it look mean even when it’s parked. Below you can read about a R34 V-spec II Nur modified by Top Secret in Japan.

Top Secret R34 1

This car is owned by a fellow named Kenneth and he is a loyal Top Secret customer. After some online searching for an engine setup, he decided to swap his HKS T51R turbo with a Borg Warner EFR unit. The new turbo delivers a better boost pick-up and overall engine response. First of all, the engine was stroked to 2.8 L using a HKS Step2 kit; the head has been ported and polished. In order for the engine to breathe, Smoky installed a Nismo GT plenum. Other engine mods include a N1 water pump and a Tomei oil pump along with a Trust oil pan, a HKS V-CAM system, JUN head bolts, HKS pulleys and valve springs, a Full Race stainless steel exhaust manifold with twin TiAL wastegates, Sard 1100 cc/min injectors, a Trust intercooler along with the Trust piping. As you can see in the exterior photos, Smoky custom fabricated a set of titanium side-exit screamer pipes and a 120mm titanium exhaust. This thing must be loud!!!


Top Secret R34 2

With this setup and medium boost, the car pumps out 940 hp. When it will be finished it will get well over the 1,000 hp mark. Of course the transmission was modified, including an ATS carbon triple-plate clutch and lightweight flywheel. The ATS carbon propeller shaft could not be missed also.  The car sits on RAYS Volk Racing TE37 TTR wheels measuring 9.5×19’ wrapped in 275/30R19 Yokohama Advan Sport tires. Braking is taken care of by the D2 8-pot front calipers and the D2 4-pot rear calipers. The discs measure 380mm upfront and 350mm in the back.

Top Secret R34 3

The most noticeable modifications are on the exterior, most parts being provided by Top Secret: the front bumper and carbon front diffuser, the carbon engine hood. The sideskirts are from Nismo. The rear wing is the OEM unit raised on Superior carbon stays.

Top Secret R34 4

Since this is a daily driver, Kenneth decided to have some perks, like the Roberuta air cups in order to adjust the ride height in an instant. Some other nice mods include the dual subwoofers and amplifier that took the place of the rear seats, the Recaro Cross Sportster limited edition seats, Takata harnesses along with a Cusco full rollcage.



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