Three Iconical Cars For Tuning


Feature considered to be found only in supercars the five seconds from 0 to 60 and top speeds of 200 mph, and such performances started to be found in street cars these days .With time passing by and technology advancing, clever and skillful mechanics along with car enthusiasts realized that they could take a standard road car and tune it to give it performances that bring them closer to supercars.
Not every car can be tuned though, some have better specs than others. In today’s article I will list three cars that were ment to be tuned and made history.

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI

Originally released in June 1976, the mark 1 Volkswagen Golf GTI was a starting point for modern day tuning. The front wheel drive car was taking off ferociuously and it glided through corners with ease. At an affordable price too. Tuners and modders quickly started tweaking the Golf GTI’s parts in order to improve its power and handling. Performance tyres, engine modifications, streamlined body parts, are just a few of the mods used to enhance them. Also,it was the beginning of the tuning industry.
Golf mk1
Now in its seventh generation, the Golf GTI, has become a favourite for tuners world wide. The MK7 Golf GTI comes equipped standard with a turbo charged 2L which delivers 227 BHP, and takes it to a 0-60 time of six seconds and 180 mph to speeds. With the tuning parts available on the market right now, performance can be taken to an amazing 0 to 60 times of less than four seconds and top speeds as high as 200mph.Impresive, right?
It’s likely that the Golf GTI will maintain it’s position on the tuners roster for many years to come.

  •  Honda Civic Si

The Civic Si was released in 1984 and became very quickly an icon for tuners everywhere. The Si, which is a sportier version of the Civic, featured bigger and powerful engines, different suspension, and more aerodynamic body panels than the standard Civic, giving it great performances on the roads. Racing tyres, gearbox tweaks, weight reduction kits, and more, the Civic Si was a feast for car entusiasts.
Reaching its 9th generation the Civic Si is still holding its ground worldwide. Being equipped with a 2.4L engine that delivers 201 BHP, the Civic Si is a beast that is capable of going real fast, I mean less than 6 seconds to 60 from a standstill and it goes to top speeds greater than 170 mph. A few engine mods, performance tires and some weight reduction kits, the Civic Si is a beast cars on the road.
HONDA CANADA INC. - Honda reveals all-new 2014 Civic Si Coupe

  • Subaru Impreza WRX

Impreza is from the start an amazing and fascinating car. No other vehicle has achieved as much success on the rally circuit as the Impreza with the car winning hundreds of races and hearts over the years.
The WRX edition, wow, what a car. Built on Subaru’s rally car, the WRX comes with a four wheel drive drivetrain and a powerful turbo charged engine which has 265 BHP and goes 0-60 in less than five seconds.
Tuners and modders everywhere quickly jumped on the Impreza WRX and were drawn into it’s spell. And why blame them?! With its four-wheel drive system that gives it an impressive amount of grip on the roads and its rally suspension you can literally take it off-road. Popular Impreza WRX mods include a great amount of body kits, hardend suspension kits and loads of aftermarket turbo able to make them go lightning fast.
For enthusiasts looking to enter the world of tuning and feeling the adrenaline rush that high performance road car give , aren’t a lot of better choices than the cars I’ve listed above. All are quick and powerful straight from the moment you buy them, and with some minor tweaks or aftermarket mods, they can deliver performances that rival supercars. And as a bonus, each one of them is practical enough to be used for a camping trip, a day at the beach or just to take your groceries from the market.

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