Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 1

I guess we all know what Wangan stands for: huge horsepower figures and the constant chase for that top speed.I remember seeing the Top Secret V12  Supra a few years back and thinking how is this possible without buying a supercar. Remember that back in those days there were no twin-turbo Gallardos,no Bugatti Veyron with it’s 400 km/h top speed,pretty much there weren’t many cars to get close to the 1000 hp mark.

Throughout the years Top Secret demonstrated that they are a serious tuner,so it was only natural that Gio took his brand spanking new 2012 Nissan R35 to a visit to their shop. Remember he used to own a 1000 hp R34 that he used to race , nicknamed Competizione R. So he knew exactly what he wanted from the guys at Top Secret. First of all, the exterior color was kept original, the Deep Blue Pearl scheme fitting the car perfectly.

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 4
The whole ideea behind this project was to give the car a slight tune up, just like Nissan should have made it in the first place, at least in Gio’s and Smokey Nagata’s opinion. Exterior changes were kept to a bare minimum. They bumped up a size in wheel fitment, installing 10×21′ in the front and 11×21′ in the rear limited edition COR Spec12 wheels. Grip is provided via Continental Contisport tyres, 255/35 R21 and 285/30 R21 in the front and back respectively. The wheels are forged monob lock so the unsprung mass is kept under control.

The sleek look was only achieved after painting the original Brembo calipers in a more toned down color, metallic silver being the new color of choice, topped off with red Brembo logos. The painting continued with the front spoiler lip, the side-skirts, rear lower bumper and A pillars. Even the small grills on the front fenders were painted in a special metallic dark silver color.

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 2
Gio’s new R35 is regarded as a daily driver, so the stock suspension was kept in place, keeping in mind that the car has Bilstein dampers Smokey only has to apply his master technique and lower the car a few cm.
If you take a glance under the hood, there is no crazy V12 swap or anything like that. Actually the engine bay looks pretty much stock, but we all know what “pretty much stock” can do to a R35. Top Secret replaced the factory air boxes with it’s own products, including aluminum piping kits and grille mounted filters. To top things off , the original plastic cover was replaced with a SpecV black one. Next they threw in a Garage Defend carbon cooling panel surrounding the engine bay. This sure adds an exotic air to the whole engine setup.

Top Secret 2012 Nissan R35 600 bhp Daily Driver 3
Knowing what Smokey Nagata does best, he tuned the Top Secret Process R Ecu to around 600 hp. Of course this was achieved by using several products: a Top Secret TV-Pro V2 exhaust, SARD racing Y-pipe and sportier cats. Of course the exhaust features valves for keeping the car quiet for in-city driving and unleashing hell when on a racetrack. A Greddy transmission cooler was added for extra safety, we all remember waht happend to the first gen R35′s transmission when you started chasing hp figures.

Gio is not japanese and in fact he is from Australia, this making him taller than the people Nissan imagined the interior for. In order to get some extra leg room the steering wheel was modified using a Durement flat bottom piece. The seats were also removed, throwing in a set of carbon fiber Recaro Sporster CS seats. Now they sit lower than the original ones and still have the reclining function.

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