Toyota Crown Athlete With A Huge Drop

VIP Toyota Crown 2

Japanese tuners have tackled pretty much any type of project in the past few years, but we all have to agree that the VIP scene is a love-or-hate business. What people tend to forget is that they are very serious in any kind of project they are building, so even if the results are different, the amount of work put into a VIP car is quite impressive.


VIP Toyota Crown

Inamura-san of Bee Dragon is one of those guys that keeps looking forward and inovating in the VIP world.

VIP Toyota Crown 4
This is a Toyota Crown Athlete with a huge drop provided by the air suspension, one of Inamura’s biggest challenge since he started building VIP cars. This is his first built that doesn’t use a static drop. This is necessary when you want to actually drive your car around. This suspension setup is a good allround ideea.

VIP Toyota Crown 1
The owner of the car is also the founder of the V1-GP VIP club, so slacking around was out of the question.
Upfront we notice right away the rearranged headlights, with a bunch of LEDs and projectors added. The front bumper has been handcrafted to incorporate the big side intakes and in the back the bumper received a new diffuser that wraps around the titanium-look exahust tips.

VIP Toyota Crown 3
The fenders have always been Bee Dragon’s speacialty, but in order to retain a more traditionla VIP look the widening isn’t as extreme as in their past projects. The fenders kindly hug the 11×18′ and 12×18′ Work Equip wheels. The suspension setup is made of several surced components and required a lot of fine tuning to get the car to sit like this. Inamura-san installed a set of adjustable arms in order to dial in the perfect camber.

VIP Toyota Crown 6
Like I was saying earlier, the amount of work to get the rear fenders to look like the car had them like this when it rolled off the production line is immense. The result was gained by adding metal sheets to the body, bending and welding them.The air ride system sits in the trunk and there will be a custom audio system to cover that up.
The interior reflects the VIP style of the exterior kit, with remodeled seats upholstered with the finest red leather.

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