The N-Style Supra

The N-Style Supra

I haven’t showed you guys any modified Supra in the past couple of months, so I decided I write about one. This Supra is owned by Nagahama-san of N-Style and it was built to drift. He used to own a Toyota Soarer powered by a 1JZ engine.
Being a drift car, the suspension department needed some upgrades, like the Aragosta adjustable suspension and the Eau Rouge Type-2 knuckles. This was needed in order for the car to handle big drifts.

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Enrique’s Red Supra

Red Supra 1

Enrique Munoz was just a teenager in the mid ’90s and he would head to Long Beach on Sunday nights to watch the races. And there it was where he started dreaming about his own Supra. He saw a poster of two JGTC versions at a buddy’s house and an actual Royal Sapphire Blue example. He knew he had to have one. [Read more...]

Toyota Crown Athlete With A Huge Drop

VIP Toyota Crown 2

Japanese tuners have tackled pretty much any type of project in the past few years, but we all have to agree that the VIP scene is a love-or-hate business. What people tend to forget is that they are very serious in any kind of project they are building, so even if the results are different, the amount of work put into a VIP car is quite impressive. [Read more...]

Meet Tajima’s Monster Sport Super GT86 Pikes Peak 660bhp

Tajima’s Monster Sport Super GT86 - 5

If you are not one of the few people that like mental builds , then you might want to look away. But if a  custom AE 86 build can catch your eye, please read on.

Monster Sport are also the guys behind a twin engined Suzuki Escudo , so this project has really good credentials. Monster Tajima is the mastermind behind this massive project. He built this car for rallycross events that he will attend , starting with New Zealand.

RAYS Volk Racing CE28Ns were the wheels of choice , while Gitti off-road tires specially designed for this build provided the best traction possible. In the braking department AP Racing 6-pot calipers do the job of slowing the car down. Tajima’s experience as a Pikes Peak competitor for decades sure came in handy. In the back there is a massive bi-plane wing , keeping the back on track. The exhaust pipes come out just under the wing pillars.

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