TS-Racing Audi RS2 Track Eating Monste

Audi RS 2 TS-Racing Track Monster 2

Even though the Audi RS2 is not as famous as a Ferrari Dino let’s say, but it sure was a landmark in automotive history. You might wonder why’s that, but i will let you know: it was the first RS badged model in the Audi history, the first ultra fast wagon and there were only around 3000 units made between March 1994 and July 1995. The car was built in the same Porsche factory that the 959 was built in, talk about a royal pedigree. In it’s original form the RS2 delivered 311hp and four-wheel drive, an option that Audi was famous for.

Audi RS 2 TS-Racing Track Monster
This following article is about the 14 year love story between Jan Edstrpm and his Audi RS2. The relationship evolved over the years to the point that the RS2 is a 700hp track eating monster. But it didn’t start like that at all. Jan is a professional carpet fitter, so he needed some extra storing space. Well now the extra space is filled with a lot of goodies that make this car a true monster. The whole transformation took over seven years. Most of the work was done by Mr. Tommy Schonberg from TS-Racing, who owns an incredible Audi A3 race car. He is actually a world renowned Audi tuner. Tommy installed a TS-Racing custom piston set and a custom cylinder head.

Audi RS 2 TS-Racing Track Monster 4

The engine still retains the original 2.2 L capacity and the crank, which say a lot about the quality Audi delivered for the RS2.Since the radiator was relocated in the trunk, the RS2 benefits from a polished alloy intake pipe with two filters located were the headlights used to be. The only other exterior modifications include   a ventilated hatch lid and the plastic fender extensions that measure 20mm upfront and 25mm in the  back. The Victor Equipment Innbsruck wheels measure 10.5×18′ all-round since the AWD system can handle them. They were designed for Porsche models, but since the RS2 benefits from Porsche brakes in it’s OEM form, they are a perfect match. There is also a 8 point rollbar to make sure the car sticks to the ground while Jan speeds around Gatebill.

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