TVR Sagaris by Topcats Racing

Topcats TVR Sagaris

In the past months we have shown you crazy mods and swaps done by people from Scandinavia, Japan or the US. Now it’s time to write about a very different project, a LS powered TVR Sagaris. The owner, Paul Black,who has previously driven several Porsche’s and a Nismo 350 Z, set his mind on a Sagaris back in 2008, right about the time the company was filling for bankruptcy. So after getting in touch with TVR, he managed to get his hands on the last two Sagaris models ever produced, and they weren’t complete either.Topcats TVR Sagaris 4
The guys responsible for swapping the 6.3 liter LS9 into this Sagaris are the owners of Topcats Racing,  Warren and Charlotte Gilbert. They have a racing background using LS7 powered Mantis race cars and even a LS7 Mosler MT900 GT3. After some years of racing they took their business to the street, creating many LS swapped road legal cars. Paul came in contact with Topcats at several track days organized by them and was offered the opportunity to drive their own V8 Sagaris GT car.He knew right away that he needed more power for his own project.

Topcats TVR Sagaris 3
In the beginning, the guys at Topcats managed to squeeze the LS7 engine in only 8 weeks, which is pretty impressive. After finding out that there will be another Sagaris with a LS7 engine, Paul decided to go big with a LS9 swap,easier said than done. A tremendous amount of work was put into planning the whole project, mapping every part and where it’s supposed to sit. And most of all it had to look like it just rolled off the production line. For example, the air coolers sit in the corners of the front bumper and it even has air conditioning,that actually works.

Topcats TVR Sagaris 1
Paul and the guys at Topcats decided for a supercharger instead of a turbo setup because of the higher temperature levels the later involves. They used camshafts, throttle bodies and the intake manifold provided by Lingenfelter. The whole fuel system needed to be redesigned, using three new fuel pumps. The exhaust system in custom made, using Mosler cans and Hayward & Scott mufflers.

Topcats TVR Sagaris 5
The owner doesn’t rule out the option of further enhancing his Sagars, so who knows what we will see next.

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