Peter’s LaSupra!

LaSupra 4

Of course anybody is free to modify their car to best suit their wants and needs.Well, mostly their wants. So if a guy wants to swap a 2JZ into his Lancia Delta Integrale HF, especially if he is from Stockholm, I’m sure he will finally swap that engine and create an epic Lancia Delta. [Read more...]

Three Iconical Cars For Tuning


Feature considered to be found only in supercars the five seconds from 0 to 60 and top speeds of 200 mph, and such performances started to be found in street cars these days .With time passing by and technology advancing, clever and skillful mechanics along with car enthusiasts realized that they could take a standard road car and tune it to give it performances that bring them closer to supercars.
Not every car can be tuned though, some have better specs than others. In today’s article I will list three cars that were ment to be tuned and made history. [Read more...]