The Voomeran Golf

JDM Golf-03

I don’t think that there is a car model that has been left untouched by the Japanese car culture. Starting with their own domestic Supras, GTR’s and Silvia’s, moving on to american muscle cars and trucks, insane Porsche buils, so it was only a matter of time until an iconic hothatch was to be messed with : a VW Golf GTI MK2.This particular car is called the Voomeran Golf and it was put together by the guys at Euro Magic in Osaka. This is their most extreme project yet and you are about to see why.
In the first place, they wanted something a bit different when talking about ride and comfort. Euro Magic is well known for their later VW models projects, so they really know what they’re talking about.

JDM Golf-06

This particular car was raced in Japan’s Golf series before being road registered, and since the guys behind the projects were about to launch thei new line of Voomeran products, they opted for this hardcore base care.
First they stripped the car and gave it a new baby blue color. Then they added their own front lip spoiler, it just makes the front end more aggressive. The tow hook reveals the roots of this GTI, it is meant to be circuit driven.
The OEM headlights were swapped with yellow ones and the grille was sprayed in black. You can’t go wrong with Hella foglights, so those were thrown in the mix. Since the fornt bumper was completely removed, the guys at Euro Magic added their own Voomeran overfenders, which adds to the JDM look of this whole project. The front overfenders add 70mm to the total width of the car.

JDM Golf-05
This meant that the wheels could be moved further away form the original setup.
Speaking of wheels, Mr. Hideo Hirooka explains that they wanted to achieve a different look than the traditional BBS mesh rims or Porsche sourced wheels. So they decided to go for a design that is the result of a collaboration between Work Wheels and Star Road. They measure 15′x10′ on all four corners,but they have different ET: 0 upfront and -3 in the back,since the rear overfenders are slightly wider than the front ones.

JDM Golf-04
Every little detail of this car is in place for a reason. For example, even the screws that hold the overfenders were specially ordered for this project and they are copper plated.
Some racing mods were then added, and since the car came with a special Cup ECU, Hideo added a different cam in order to get a power bump. Since the car weights around 900 kg, the 112 hp are more than enough to ensure a fun ride.

JDM Golf-01
The guys at Euro Magic added a Voomeran strut bar in order to achieve better handling, along with their own coilover kit that slams the car to the ground. A LSD was also added for those track days. Since this is a race car, the exhaust is a straight pipe.

JDM Golf-02
On the interior side, there is not much to describe: a rollcage to keep the twists out of the body, a “Bride spelled backwards” seat and a CD unit, that’s it.

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