Wangan Evo

Wangan EVO

There are drag cars, drift cars, time attack cars, VIP cars, street cars. And there are Wangan cars. This type of race was invented in Japan and is meant for high speeds. I remember when Top Secret used to be one of the top tuners for this type of builds. Today I will show some very rare, a Mitsubishi Evo IX estate modified by Garage G-Force.

Wangan EVO 3

This is an extreme build since the owner has another Evo wagon destined for daily use. The exterior has been spiced up by the addition of a Varis kit, which includes the front and rear overfenders and the sideskirts. The front bumper was provided by TFH. The kit really gives the car a special look, especially because it is a wagon. As you can see, the car sits on a set of Advan Racing RGIII wheels, measuring 10×19’ and wrapped in 255/35ZR19 Advan AD08 tires.

Wangan EVO 2

Behind these you can spot the seriously upgraded braking system. Endless provided the 6-pot calipers for the front and the 4-pot ones for the back, the two-piece rotors, the brake pads and the brake lines. Garage G-Force modified the Ohlins DFV adjustable suspension in order to fit this particular car.

Wangan EVO 5

Since the aim of wangan racing is to get a high top speed, the engine delivers 715 hp and 703Nm. It can achieve this thanks to the Jun 2.2L stroker kit along with other upgrades: H-section connecting rods with Cosworth forged pistons, a GCG Garrett turbo with a HKS GTII external wastegate, a HKS intercooler with G-Force custom piping, two RH9 fuel pumps along with 1000cc injectors, Tomei 280-degree camshafts and and fuel pressure regulator. A HKS F-Con V Pro unit takes care of the engine management. The transmission needed some upgrades also: a PPG 6-speed dog engagement gear set in the original housing, an Exedy triple-plate clutch and Cusco RS 1-way LSD in the front and in the back.

Wangan EVO 4

The interior was stripped down and a full rollcage was installed. There are no back seats, the front ones were kept and a set of Takata harnesses was installed.

Wangan EVO 1


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