A Wide Body Lotus Exige.

Wide Lotus-02

We’ve all dreamt of owning and driving exotic cars, rare exclusive cars and even hypercars. I’ve allways considered Lotus cars fun to drive. They also have an exotic look to them. Given these facts, most of the Lotus owners out there keep their cars pretty much in a stock form.Ben Pengson decided to do the exact opposite and heavily modify his supercharged 2011 Lotus Exige. His love for cars began as a child, while riding his dad’s Honda CR-X, when he started to love the type of handling a Honda could provide.

Wide Lotus-03
So when he bought this car, he wanted to build it as a track car together with his father, but as you will see he decided to do things with a twist.
In order to have a one-off Exige, Ben got in touch with the guys at DTM Autobody in California to see what they would have to say in terms of a widebody conversion. I personally think the end result is pretty amazing. Ben also wanted some carbon parts from APR, like the front lip and splitter, side skirts and the side mirrors. The GTC2K wing was also provided by APR which give the rear end a menacing look along with the diffuser.

Wide Lotus-04
The suspension was sourced from Nitron Racing in UK and the result is amazing, not only stiffening the allready stiff chassis, but also giving the wide body a complete look. The BBS RS wheels also contribute to the overall agressive look, measuring 9×17′ upfront and 12×18′ in the back. Talk about wide…Ben is running Falken Azenis RT61K tires, a perfect combination between grip and street-friendliness.

Wide Lotus-05
Since the stock engine provides enough power for this car, the only modification installed for power is the Club Sport exhaust from Larini.

The interior mods include a Sparco steering wheel, Schroth harnesses, a JVC head unit and a 10′ JL subwoofer.
The list of future modifications includes more aero parts, a rollcage and some engine work in order to have around 400-500 hp.

Wide Lotus-01


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