Would You Buy A 200k Electric Supercar?


Would you buy a Tesla or the exotic car of your choice?

T Sportline, the world’s first Tesla Tuner, has teamed up with Al&Eds in West Hollywood to build the world’s most expensive Tesla Model S.

Model S has become very popular both in the U.S. and in Europe. Taking advantage of the success the model has been having, a certain group of enthusiasts wants to offer something unique for this electric powered supercar saloon. For most of us, a stock Tesla Model S without all of their additional optional add-ons would be quite the achievement as the stock model costs about $ 123k. The Los Angeles based tuners at T Sportline developed just a few other options that take the car’s price above the $ 200k mark and make it fully loaded.



The carbon sports package announced by T Sporline consists of a redesigned front apron which completely replaces the factory front bumper, a new trunk hatch has been fitted which includes the spoiler lip and a replacement diffuse finishes off the rear bumper. Being that the car is factory blue, T Sportline felt the Model S was best contrasted by its Ghost Gold Limited Edition wheels in 21×9.0″ front and 21×9.5″ rear. The Model S retains the factory P85+ tires from Michelin; 245/35-21″ front and 265/35-21″ rear. To improve vehicle stance, the Model S is lowered 1 inch with T Sportline’s lowering hardware kit. Interior features from T Sportline include a complete 5-piece floor mat set for the front compartment, passenger cabin and the trunk.


Still, you may ask yourself how on earth do we get to that ridiculous price…well…here’s your recipe:
The base price for the 85 Kilowatt-hour Model S is $ 85.900. Now, start adding the goodies:

  • performance plus set-up ( including fiber spoiler and red brake calipers ) – $ 6.500
  • smart air suspension – $2.250
  • tech package – $ 3.750
  • ultra high-fidelity sound system – $ 2.500
  • panoramic sunroof – $ 2.500
  • 21 – inch grey turbine wheels – $ 4.500

These and a few other minor options should take you up to the $123.000 price tag. Now, the fun really starts. Upgrade those wheels to “Ghost Gold” forged wheels for $ 7.500, exterior 3M change wrap for $ 6.000, the carbon fiber body kit goes for $ 5.250, the audiophile upgrade for $ 9.500 and finally when you are done with all that get a load of the bespoke made-to-order interior upholstery that runs for about $25.000. Before you know it, you’ll have a mean green machine that’s almost twice as expensive as a Fisker Karma.


Check out more angles from T Sportline’s customization package in their video:


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